Apple iPhone used.

Apple iPhone used.


How to choose an iPhone BU.

To make sure that the device is original and in working order, you need to follow a few tips:

All Apple gadgets, including iPhones of different series, have unique serial numbers. You can verify the authenticity of the device after checking the IMEI code. Check the case and screen for scratches, dents, chips.

Tear off paint at the joints of individual body elements suggests that the smartphone was amenable to repair. It is worth checking the color rendition. To do this, open some application or turn on the camera.

Pay special attention to black and white. You can make sure that the microphone on the iPhone is working properly using a voice recorder. Say and write down any phrase.

During playback, you will understand how the interlocutor will hear you when talking on the phone. If possible, make an outgoing call. Try going online to see how 3G and 4G works. Connect to Wi-Fi to make sure it works.

Plug in your charger (for older iPhones and headphones).

If you try to buy a bush iPhone on OLX, then you will not have the opportunity to check each of the items. The eplio online store has new and used devices from Apple. All gadgets are original, have not been repaired.

Thanks to this, you can buy a working iPhone at an affordable price.

Main characteristics.

The eplio online store has a wide selection of bush iPhones. The range includes the time-tested series (5s, 6) and last year’s models (8 Plus, X). If you have not decided on a specific version of the iPhone, then compare the main characteristics:

Screen size and level of detail affect usability. Apple equips iPhones with Retina displays. High pixel density ensures excellent video playback quality. The diagonal of the iPhone screen varies greatly depending on the year of manufacture. The material of manufacture is aluminum, ceramics or glass alloy.

Regardless of the material, iPhones have a high degree of dust and moisture protection. To prevent damage to the display, Gorilla glass is installed. The main element of the electronic filling of the smartphone is the processor.

It affects performance, download speed, the ability to run multiple applications. Video and image processing is performed by a separate graphics processor. The iPhone has a front and rear camera.

The new models use dual and triple lenses to improve the quality of shooting. For example, they support shooting 2K video at 60 frames per second, slow motion. IPhones do not have the ability to install memory cards. Therefore, it is important to immediately choose a smartphone with a sufficient amount of built-in memory.

Also, do not forget about Apple’s cloud services, thanks to which most of the information can be stored outside the phone. An important indicator is autonomy. It is affected by the power consumption of the battery.

The battery of modern iPhones allows you to actively use the gadget for more than 10 hours without recharging.

Where to buy a used iPhone in Kharkov.

In the eplio online store you can buy new and new iPhones. All products are original and imported from America. You can buy an iPhone on the website or in one of the stores located at Nauki Ave. 41/43 (metro 23 August), st.

Pushkinskaya 48 (metro Architect Beketov), ​​st. Bagaleya 4 (metro Pushkinskaya). In Kharkov, free delivery works for orders over UAH 1,500.

The products are guaranteed for 6 months. The online store has its own service center. Details can be obtained from the manager by phone 0 800 33 45 25, 050 603 63 64 or 098 700 10 20.

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